Cyclone Remal: Latest Updates, Forecast, and Safety Measures for West Bengal, Bangladesh, and Odisha

Cyclone Remal: Latest Updates, Forecast, and Safety Measures for West Bengal, Bangladesh, and Odisha

Cyclone Remal is set to intensify into a severe cyclonic storm and make landfall near the West Bengal and Bangladesh coasts on May 26. With heavy rains and strong winds predicted, both regions are on high alert. This article provides the latest updates on the cyclone’s progression, anticipated weather conditions, and safety measures in place.


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Cyclone Remal: Current Status and Forecast

IMD’s Latest Cyclone Update

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has reported that the low-pressure area over the Bay of Bengal is evolving rapidly. As of May 23, the system is expected to intensify into a cyclonic storm by May 25, moving northeastwards before potentially hitting the coasts of West Bengal and Bangladesh on May 26.


Predicted Path and Impact Zones

West Bengal and Bangladesh Coast

IMD forecasts indicate that Cyclone Remal will likely impact the coastal districts of West Bengal, including North 24 Parganas, South 24 Parganas, and Purba Medinipur, as well as adjacent areas in Bangladesh. Heavy rainfall and strong winds are anticipated in these regions.



While the primary focus is on West Bengal and Bangladesh, adjacent districts in North Odisha are also expected to experience significant weather impacts, including heavy rain and gale-force winds.



Weather Warnings and Alerts

Rainfall and Wind Warnings

The IMD has issued rainfall warnings for coastal districts in West Bengal and North Odisha, along with Mizoram, Tripura, and South Manipur. Light to moderate rainfall is expected widely, with heavy to very heavy rainfall in isolated locations on May 26 and 27.


Fishermen Warnings

Fishermen have been advised against venturing into the Bay of Bengal:

  • South Bay of Bengal: Until May 24
  • Central Bay of Bengal: Until May 26
  • North Bay of Bengal: From May 24 until the morning of May 27

Wind Speed and Sea Conditions

  • May 25: Gale winds of 60-70 kmph, gusting to 80 kmph, in the north Bay of Bengal.
  • May 26: Wind speeds increasing to 100-110 kmph, gusting to 120 kmph, with rough to very high sea conditions expected from the evening of May 25 through May 27.


Precautionary Measures

For Residents

  1. Stay Informed: Keep track of weather updates from IMD and local authorities.
  2. Emergency Kits: Prepare emergency kits with essentials like water, food, medications, and important documents.
  3. Evacuation Plans: Be aware of evacuation routes and nearby shelters.
  4. Secure Property: Secure loose items, reinforce windows, and take measures to prevent flooding.

For Authorities

  1. Early Warnings: Disseminate timely warnings and updates to the public.
  2. Evacuation Readiness: Prepare evacuation routes and shelters for affected populations.
  3. Resource Allocation: Mobilize resources and personnel for emergency response and relief operations.
  4. Coordination: Maintain coordination between national and international weather agencies for accurate and timely information.


Impact on Elections

The Lok Sabha Phase 6 polls in West Bengal, scheduled for May 25, are set to be affected by the impending cyclone. The Election Commission of India (ECI) has directed district administrations to implement precautionary measures at polling stations. Chief Electoral Officer Ariz Aftab held meetings with police and disaster management officials to ensure voter safety and smooth conduct of the elections in the affected districts.





Cyclone Remal’s approach requires vigilance and preparedness from both residents and authorities in West Bengal, Bangladesh, and parts of Odisha. Stay updated with the latest weather forecasts, adhere to safety advisories, and ensure you are prepared for any emergency.

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