Best Time to Visit Kedarnath 2024 : Temperature, Season & Climate Information


Due to its Geographical fate of being situated close to the Himalayas Ranges, Kedarnath remains a highly visited spiritual Hindu shrine and engaging other tourists to take a moment to enjoy the breathtaking landscape of long tracking trails.

Kedarnath lies at 3583 meters above sea level near the Mandakini River and its geographical fate is pleasant during the summer before the arrival of monsoon showers. 

Here is the informative and extensive article prepared to guide you through the terms and conditions of weather expecting you at Kedarnath.


Let us bring out the weather Report of Kedarnath for you to see what suits your situation and purpose. 


Navigation through weather variation


Kedarnath in Summer Season

Summer begins in April and lasts till June, bringing all the tourist attractions and pilgrim progression, it is the best time and weather for trekking and other outdoor fun activities. The temperature ranges from 15 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. 


Again, due to its geographical fate, the weather is always unpredictable and you might encounter a light shower at any point in time so it is a safe measure to always carry rain-repellant equipment like a raincoat, or umbrella with you. The rain-washed green landscape is simply breathtaking! 

Sunscreen is also a must and the temperature during the night is colder always come prepared to stay protected from the cold and make your vacation a good memory.

In Kedarnath, this time is the only tourist-friendly season, come well-equipped and planned to not spoil your time of fun and relaxation. 



Kedarnath in Monsoon Season

Monsoon season breaks out in July and stay there till September. It can flood the whole place and lockdown is predictable, landslides are a frequent phenomenon that can leave anyone stranded at any point. That can interrupt your outdoor engagement. The temperature during this time is recorded ranging from 10 degrees Celsius. For safety measures, stay updated and research the weather front and road situations. You may use weather apps or Kedarnath weather reports online. Be prepared of come what may! 


Kedarnath in Winter Season

Winter begins as October begins and lasts till March when the rest of the lower region of the country has wrapped up with spring up has already taken out their light clothes to tackle the summer heat in Kedarnath the snows are still intake and thick. The temperature ranges from -5 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius, dropping below the freezing point.

There is no time for pleasant trekking and outdoor activities because the snowfall can be intense and dangerous, and the roads are smooth and slippery. The Kedarnath shrine is not accessible and remains shut down during monsoon and winter. However, if your plan is still to witness the snow-covered landscape it is always better to be well-prepared and equipped for the challenges yet to be encountered. The hardship will be a real challenge, but the reward will be a mesmerizing life experience too.


Layers are a must, but there are ways to layer your clothing in light and warm ways, use experienced people’s content as a reference for the timers.


Month Temperature  Rain 
January  -3°/-10° 17 days
February  1°/-9° 9 days
March  2°/-6° 20 days
April  5°/-3° 23 days
May  9°/-1° 14 days
June  11°/3° 15 days
July  12°/6° 28 days
August  12°/7° 28 days
September  12°/5° 22 days
October  8°/-1° 2 days
November  5°/-4° 10 days
December  1°/-8° 6 days


Things to not miss out on while you are here at Kedarnath



It is always a mandatory ritual to eat freshly prepared Maggie on the streets. It always hits differently. The weather condition adds up to different spices and for that moment it always makes you feel that is only the right place, time, and weather to enjoy the packet of Maggie.

You can skip the 6-7 hours of trekking if your body is unwilling and take a porter or mule carrier service that will save half of the time that you would have spent while trekking.

Aviation service. There is an even shorter way to skip the trekking that takes 6-7 hours and riding on the back of a mule that takes 3 hours to reach the Kedarnath Shrine. Helicopter services are provided for those whose pocket situation permits, and it takes only 10-15 minutes to reach. However one thing one must keep in mind is that this service can be suspendable at Any unfavorable change of weather. The ticket price will revert to you if you meet such a situation. Videos inside the helicopter are also not permitted.



Pro Travel-Friendly Tips for Those Who Are Coming Here to Kedarnath


  1. It is a mandatory rule implemented by the Government of India to get your Bio Metric registered beforehand, this can be done both online and offline.
  2. In case of taking porter or mule service, do check the prices online before so that you are not hugely charged. Scams are everywhere, stay alerted and safe from such accidents.
  3. Check the government ID of such service providers, and take a photo of them.
  4. When in Kedarnath, be respectful of the terms and conditions that come with being at Kedarnath.


Always remember,

  1. To start early for trekking. It can take longer than 6-7 hours to reach the top depending on your pace. The sun can be harsh, so calculate your timing accordingly.
  2. Always pack light while packing for trekking.
  3. Stay hydrated throughout the venture but also, eat light yet filling foods like nuts and protein bars. 
  4. It is always safe to return early from the trek to prevent being stuck and stranded because it is unpredictable weather lingering around and rain can show up unannounced anytime.


If you are at Kedarnath for the shrine and Treaking,  the monsoon and rain-washed sceneries, or for seclusion and snow landscape always be prepared and well-equipped for uncertainty and enjoy your visit. This wonderful landscape is a wonderful summer escape from the city summer.


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