15 Best Beaches Near Pune | Top Beaches for Relaxation, Adventure & Family Fun

Pune is a bustling city surrounded by beautiful beaches and nature. If you want to escape from your hectic lifestyle and want a relaxing weekend, then there are several stunning beaches just a few hours’ drive away from Pune. Today, we bring you a list of popular beaches near Pune which you can drive to and spend a relaxing day there. These beaches offer a perfect blend of relaxation and fun activities like swimming, water sports, and exploring historical sites. Let’s explore the top beaches near Pune, where you can unwind yourself.


Top Beaches Near Pune: Discover 15 Relaxing Getaways within Driving Distance

Explore serene beaches near Pune for a rejuvenating weekend escape. Discover activities, attractions, and distances from Pune for each beach.

Beach Name Distance from Pune (km) Attractions Location Activities Entry Fee
Kihim Beach 143 Sunsets, greenery, bird watching Alibaug, Maharashtra Swimming, water sports, camping Free
Alibaug Beach 143 Kolaba Fort, sandy beach, views Alibaug, Maharashtra Swimming, boating, fort exploration Free; charges for fort entry
Mandwa Beach 151 Scenic views, ferry rides Alibaug, Maharashtra Water sports, beach volleyball Free
Murud Beach 180 Murud-Janjira Fort, calm waters Murud, Maharashtra Swimming, boating, fort visits Free; charges for fort entry
Diveagar Beach 166 Suvarna Ganesh Temple, serene ambiance Diveagar, Maharashtra Swimming, temple visits, water sports Free
Kashid Beach 172 White sand, Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary Kashid, Maharashtra Swimming, snorkeling, surfing Free
Dapoli Beach 195 Long coastline, dolphin sightings Dapoli, Maharashtra Swimming, parasailing, dolphin watching Free
Velas Beach 197 Turtle hatching, eco-trails Velas, Maharashtra Turtle watching, eco-trails, beach walks Free
Aksa Beach 175 Clean coastline, quiet ambiance Malad, Mumbai, Maharashtra Walking, swimming, photography Free
Harihareshwar Beach 177 Harihareshwar Temple, scenic landscapes Harihareshwar, Maharashtra Swimming, temple visits, beach walks Free

15 Popular Beaches Near Pune:-



1. Kihim Beach:

Kihim Beach, Alibaug is known for its dense coconut trees and its thick cover. It is a major beach which adds to the reputation of Alibaug. In addition, the beach is well-maintained and the water is clean. It is perfect for those who want to have a beach experience.

  • Distance: 143 km
  • Attractions: Beautiful sunsets, rich greenery, bird watching, peaceful environment.
  • Location: Near Alibaug, Maharashtra.
  • Activities: Swimming, water sports, camping, bird watching, photography.
  • Entry Fee: Free

2. Alibaug Beach:

Alibaug Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Alibaug. It is popular for weekend getaways. There are numerous beachside shacks and restaurants at the beach. Alibaug Beach is on the West Indian coast with a mix of sun, sand and blue waters, which make it stunning.

  • Distance: 143 km
  • Attractions: Kolaba Fort, calm waters, clean sandy beach, panoramic views.
  • Location: Alibaug, Maharashtra.
  • Activities: Swimming, boating, beach sports, fort exploration, horse riding.
  • Entry Fee: Free; minimal charges for fort entry.


3. Mandwa Beach:

Mandwa Beach is a popular weekend getaway. There are regular ferries connecting Mandwa to Mumbai which makes it accessible for all and its highlight point.

  • Distance: 151 km
  • Attractions: Scenic views, Bollywood filming location, untouched beach.
  • Location: Near Alibaug, Maharashtra.
  • Activities: Water sports like jet skiing, kayaking, sailing, beach volleyball.
  • Entry Fee: Free

4. Murud Beach:

Murud Bach is known for its safe and shallow waters. It is ideal for families. There are many water sports available to enjoy.

  • Distance: 180 km
  • Attractions: Murud-Janjira Fort, scenic beauty, less crowded.
  • Location: Murud, Maharashtra.
  • Activities: Swimming, boating, fort visits, beach sports, local cuisine tasting.
  • Entry Fee: Free; minimal charges for fort entry.


5. Diveagar Beach:

Diveagar or Kive Agar Beach is home to the famous Suvarna Ganesh Temple which attracts numerous visitors. It is a clean and peaceful beach in Maharashtra.

  • Distance: 166 km
  • Attractions: Original sands, Suru trees, temples, quiet ambience.
  • Location: Diveagar, Maharashtra.
  • Activities: Swimming, beach combing, temple visits, water sports, bird watching.
  • Entry Fee: Free



6. Kashid Beach:

Kashid Beach is the most popular beach in Maharashtra. It is perfect for the weekend. It is popular for its clean water and fewer crowds compared to other beaches.

  • Distance: 172 km
  • Attractions: White sand, serene environment, Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary nearby.
  • Location: Kashid, Maharashtra.
  • Activities: Swimming, snorkelling, surfing, horse riding, beach picnics.
  • Entry Fee: Free


7. Dapoli Beach:

Dapoli Beach is a popular tourist spot. It is also known as ‘Mini Mahabaleshwar’ for its cool climate and rich greenery. It is a less crowded beach.

  • Distance: 195 km
  • Attractions: Long coastline, ancient temples, dolphin sightings.
  • Location: Dapoli, Maharashtra.
  • Activities: Swimming, parasailing, dolphin watching, exploring temples.
  • Entry Fee: Free



8. Velas Beach:

Velas Beach gives a completely different experience, due to sea turtles which are seen in the early morning. It also hosts an annual turtle festival which attracts wildlife enthusiasts.

  • Distance: 197 km
  • Attractions: Turtle hatching, eco-tourism, serene setting.
  • Location: Velas, Maharashtra.
  • Activities: Turtle watching, eco-trails, beach walks, local festivals.
  • Entry Fee: Free


9. Aksa Beach:

Aksa Beach is a peaceful environment from the city traffic. It is perfect for relaxing weekends.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 175 km
  • Attractions: Long, clean coastline, scenic views, quiet and less crowded
  • Location: Malad, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • Activities: Walking along the beach, swimming, photography, enjoying sunsets, beach picnics
  • Entry Fee: Free



10. Harihareshwar Beach:

Harihareshwar Beach is also known as ‘Dakshin Kashi’ for its religious significance. This beach is near Shrivardhan. It is a popular tourist place.

  • Distance: 177 km
  • Attractions: Harihareshwar Temple, pristine beach, scenic landscapes.
  • Location: Harihareshwar, Maharashtra.
  • Activities: Swimming, temple visits, beach walks, local cuisine tasting.
  • Entry Fee: Free


11. Tarkarli Beach:

Tarkarli Beach is a paradise for beaches. Tarkarli Beach is one of the best. It is famous for its transparent waters, making it a prime spot for underwater activities.

  • Distance: 389 km
  • Attractions: Coral reefs, clear waters, Malvan Fort, and water sports hub.
  • Location: Tarkarli, Maharashtra.
  • Activities: Scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing, boating, fort visits.
  • Entry Fee: Free; charges for water sports.



12. Bhatye Beach:

Bhatye Beach is known for its beautiful sunsets and peaceful atmosphere. It is one of the romantic beaches, perfect for lovers.

  • Distance: 316 km
  • Attractions: Long coastline, peaceful environment, Ratnagiri Lighthouse nearby.
  • Location: Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.
  • Activities: Swimming, beach sports, local seafood tasting, sunset views.
  • Entry Fee: Free


13. Ganapatipule Beach:

Ganpatipule Beach is a beautiful rocky beach with white sand. It is a place of spirituality and natural beauty which attracts pilgrims and tourists alike.

  • Distance: 334 km
  • Attractions: Ganapati Temple, clean sands, blue waters, cultural significance.
  • Location: Ganapatipule, Maharashtra.
  • Activities: Temple visits, swimming, water sports, local crafts shopping.
  • Entry Fee: Free



14. Kondivili Beach:

Kondivili Beach is famous for sports activities. It is ideal for those seeking solitude and a peaceful environment.

  • Distance: 165 km
  • Attractions: hidden beach, clear waters, peaceful setting.
  • Location: Near Shrivardhan, Maharashtra.
  • Activities: Swimming, beach walks, fishing, picnics.
  • Entry Fee: Free


15. Guhagar Beach:

Guhagar Beach is located on the bank of the Vashishti River. It is known for its untouched beauty and traditional Konkani culture.

  • Distance: 242 km
  • Attractions: Clear waters, coconut plantations, and Guhagar Temple nearby.
  • Location: Guhagar, Maharashtra.
  • Activities: Swimming, water sports, exploring plantations, local cuisine tasting.
  • Entry Fee: Free





  1. How many beaches near Pune are listed here?
    • There are 15 beaches listed in this guide, each offering a unique experience.
  2. What are some common activities available at these beaches?
    • Activities include swimming, water sports, beach picnics, fort exploration, and temple visits.
  3. Are these beaches suitable for family outings?
    • Yes, many of these beaches are ideal for family outings due to their clean waters and peaceful ambiance.
  4. Do these beaches have entry fees?
    • Most beaches have free entry, although there may be charges for specific activities or visiting attractions like forts.
  5. Which beach is known for turtle watching?
    • Velas Beach is famous for turtle hatching and hosts an annual turtle festival.
  6. Are there any beaches suitable for water sports?
    • Yes, several beaches offer water sports activities such as swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and parasailing.
  7. Which beach is known for its less-crowded and tranquil environment?
    • Aksa Beach is known for its peaceful ambiance away from city traffic.
  8. Is there any beach known for its religious significance?
    • Harihareshwar Beach is also known as ‘Dakshin Kashi’ and is revered for its religious significance.
  9. Are these beaches accessible by road from Pune?
    • Yes, all the listed beaches are accessible by road, making them convenient weekend getaways from Pune.
  10. What is the approximate distance of the farthest beach from Pune?
    • Tarkarli Beach, the farthest on the list, is approximately 389 km away from Pune.

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