Barabanki Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result

Barabanki, a key Lok Sabha constituency in Uttar Pradesh, has a rich political history and has witnessed numerous electoral battles. Known for its diverse demographic and cultural significance, Barabanki encompasses several assembly segments, making it a crucial area for political parties.

Historical Context and Previous Elections

Barabanki has seen representation from various political parties over the years, with the Indian National Congress (INC) and the Samajwadi Party (SP) being prominent. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Upendra Singh Rawat of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) emerged victorious, securing 613,806 votes and defeating Ram Sagar Rawat of the INC.

2019 Election Results:

Candidate Party Votes Vote Share (%)
Upendra Singh Rawat BJP 613,806 57.08
Ram Sagar Rawat INC 377,675 35.13
Other Candidates Various 82,350 7.79

2024 Election: Key Candidates and Voter Turnout

For the 2024 elections, key candidates included Upendra Singh Rawat (BJP) seeking re-election, Tanuj Punia (INC), and several candidates from regional parties and independents. The election was held on May 7th, 2024, with a voter turnout of 60.45 percent.


2024 Candidates:

  • Upendra Singh Rawat (BJP)
  • Tanuj Punia (INC)
  • Shashank Tripathi (SP)
  • Other Independent and Regional Candidates

2024 Election Results:

Candidate Party Votes Vote Share (%)
Upendra Singh Rawat BJP 601,123 56.70
Tanuj Punia INC 378,955 35.74
Shashank Tripathi SP 72,120 6.80
Other Candidates Various 8,100 0.76

Analysis and Voter Turnout

Upendra Singh Rawat managed to retain his seat, albeit with a slight reduction in vote share compared to the previous election. The INC candidate, Tanuj Punia, saw a marginal increase in support. The voter turnout of 60.45 percent indicates a healthy participation from the electorate.

Assembly Segment Voter Turnout (%)
Kursi 61.20
Ramnagar 59.80
Barabanki 60.50
Zaidpur (SC) 59.30
Dariyabad 61.00
Haidergarh 60.40

Key Issues and Campaigns

The 2024 elections in Barabanki focused on several critical issues:

  1. Development: Emphasis on infrastructural development, including better roads and public amenities.
  2. Agriculture: Addressing farmers’ issues, providing better irrigation facilities, and ensuring fair prices for crops.
  3. Education: Improvement of educational institutions and increasing access to quality education.
  4. Healthcare: Enhancing healthcare services and ensuring better medical facilities in rural areas.

Candidates utilized both traditional campaigning and social media platforms to reach voters, highlighting their respective agendas and addressing local concerns.


The Barabanki Lok Sabha election 2024 reaffirmed the BJP’s strong presence in the constituency, with Upendra Singh Rawat securing a second term. The contest, although intense, showed a clear preference for continuity among the voters. The election results reflect the electorate’s aspiration for sustained development and effective governance.

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