Arunachal Pradesh West Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result

Arunachal West Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results

Lok Sabha Election Report on Arunachal West constituency, Arunachal Pradesh


Arunachal Pradesh West is of of the two constituencies of the state of Arunachal Pradesh, which is also a geographically major state from the North-East region of India. Tawang, West Kameng, Papum Pare, Lower Subansiri, Kurung Kumey, Upper Subansiri, and West Siang districts come under this constituency.



Political Climate in the Arunachal West Constituency, Arunachal Pradesh


Congress had a significantly dominant presence not only in Arunachal West but in the other constituencies and a major portion of the Nort East region of India. Preference has recently shifted to BJP only after BJP became the ruling party in the center. 



Before getting any further, let us study the paradigm of this election of Arunachal West Constituency, Arunachal Pradesh 2024


Poll Events Phase 1
Notification Date  20 March
The Last Date for filing a nomination 27 March
Scrutiny of nomination  28 March
Last date for withdrawal of nomination 30 March
Date of Poll  19 April
Date of counting votes/result 4 June
No. Of constituencies 2




Candidates who taken part contesting in the 2024, Lok Sabha Election from Arunachal West Constituency


Name Party Votes
Kiren Rijiju BJP
Nabam Tuki INC
Toko Sheetal GNASURKP
Bimpak Siga IND
Leki Norbu IND
Ruhi Tagung IND
Tania June IND
Techi Rana IND




Result of 2024 Lok Sabha Election for Arunachal West Constituency, Arunachal Pradesh


Holding no further from the moment of truth, today the election committee has finally declared the name of the winner. Candidate [] from the [] party has been able to secure [] votes while the runner-up, candidate [] from the [] party has received [] votes. With the difference of [] votes Candidate [] is the selected MP and here concludes the Lok Sabha Election episode of 2024.


Best wishes to the winning candidate and his party. Best wishes to the people of this constituency. 


2019 Lok Sabha Election Result of Arunachal West Constituency, Arunachal Pradesh



In the 2019 Lok Sabha Election of Arunachal West Constituency, Kiren Rijiju from BJP unbeatable won by 225796 votes. The difference left everyone awestruck! The first runner-up had no chance of gathering 50953 which seemed far behind digit-wise. What do you think about the 2024 result? Is it as phenomenal a win as this?


Hopefully, we conclude here, we hope we have provided every expected detail in brief. Until another five years, see you here again. Your Voice And Your Vote matters.

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